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A Chilly Spring Wedding at Convict Lakes


January 3, 2024


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Imagine this: You’re standing in the middle of this gorgeous mountainscape, it’s a chilly California day and a gentle breeze whispers through your hair. The air is so fresh, it feels as if you’re taking in nature’s own personal symphony. The breathtaking sight before you is nothing short of a masterpiece; the tranquil waters of Convict Lakes mirroring the majestic mountains that surround them. It’s a vision that words fail to capture, a moment frozen in time.

Now, let’s add another element to this already picturesque scene – the love between two souls. Jake and Jamie, so madly in love, that it radiates from their very beings. The laughter that effortlessly escapes their lips, the loving glances they share, every interaction speaks volumes of their deep connection. Between the incredible landscape, the interactions with all the guests, and the love these two shared, I hardly had to work at all. This story told itself, and I was just there to make sure these moments lived on forever.

As a photographer, my passion lies in capturing moments like these – moments that encapsulate the true essence of your wedding day. The beautiful backdrop was just a bonus.

But what truly makes every wedding day special is capturing the raw, unfiltered emotion that comes with the day. It’s those stolen glances, those big belly laughs, those heartfelt exchanges that can’t be staged or rehearsed. Jamie’s laugh was contagious throughout the entire day. She has this effortlessness about her, and even when it started to sprinkle on us during bridesmaid photos, she remained cheerful and giddy. The focus of the day was not just about a shot list, but about joy and taking in every moment. These are the moments that make a wedding day truly magical, moments that deserve to be preserved with all the authenticity they deserve.

In a world filled with filters and photo editing tricks, allowing true emotions to shine through in your wedding photography is a breath of fresh air. They are the images that transport you back to that very moment, to the joy, the laughter, and the overwhelming love that filled the air.

In the end, wedding photography is all about storytelling. It’s about capturing the true essence of a couple’s love, their unique connection, and their journey towards forever. And as a photographer, it’s my privilege to document these moments, to create a visual narrative that will stand the test of time.

Definitely a wedding to remember ❤️

Bride: @jamie.peterson95
Photography: @daniraedunn_photos
Venue: @convictlakeweddings
Coordinator: Meghan Gallagher 
Videography: @loganlisleproductions
Florists: @alpenglowgardens
Hair and Makeup: @
Second Shooter: @shauntel.gull

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